Goin' South

Goin' South
On the Gulf Coast Waterway 11-2011

Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year 2017!

       Sorry for the long delay since the last post!  We've been back and forth between Georgetown, Bahamas and Slidell, Louisiana!   Daren saw a pop-up ad for a Marine Trader trawler in Louisiana just before his birthday in July 2015!   Friends Candy and Orvil who we'd met in Port Mansfield, TX, checked it out for us, highly recommended it, did the sea trial, and we bought it sight unseen!  They even moved it to their lovely marina where it's been ever since!  It was great to escape to M/V Lagniappe (Creole for unexpected gift!) and avoid hurricane Joaquin that hit near Georgetown Oct.1, 2015.   This year, we missed another one, Matthew, that came through Georgetown Oct.5, 2016.   We weren't worried, because they'd never lost a boat in Hurricane Hole #2, where we keep Flying Dogs on a St. Francis mooring!   Amazingly and sadly, Hirricane Matthew sent 3 boats ashore in Hole #2 and SEVEN boats in Hole #3, which should be even more protected!   It was crazy and we're very grateful we missed it and that Flying Dogs was spared!
        We just had a lovely Christmas here with boat neighbors, Nancy and Curt on Rum Tum Tiger.  They left yesterday for Puerto Rico and beyond and we'll miss them!   Tomorrow night, New Year's Eve, the new Lumina Point resort is having a big party and midnight fireworks, so we'll enjoy the display from the comfort of Flying Dogs!!
       We're very optimistic about 2017 and hope you are, too!  Daren is still working at MVE in Modesto, CA, and they've agreed to give him the month of April off so we can move Lagniappe to the northern Bahamas!   It's a 1000 mile trip, and we don't want to rush!   A great Slidell boat neighbor, Mel, on Miss Mercedes, a 45' Columbia, is planning to bring his boat along with us!   It will be great fun to have his company!   I'm sorry to say, I've lost track of many of you, but I still have the same email address: flyngdgs@gmail.com   I'd love to hear your news!   Have fun, always, and a VERY happy new year!  🎉  Nancy, Daren, & Libby ~..~